Root canal toothache with pressure

Root canal tooth hurts with pressure

Root canal toothache with pressure

A root canal procedure is an extremely reliable intervention with over a 95% success rate. However, from this 5% of people, there are cases of patients that mention that the root canal tooth, hurts with pressure. So, why does this happen? What are the causes of pain after a root canal? What can you do to treat this pain? In this article we are going to talk about some causes of this pain and what you can do to alleviate it.

What is a root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure (also called endodontics) is a dental treatment that consists of removing the dental pulp. This pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that cause an unbearable pain if they get infected from bacteria leaking into it. Bacteria can enter the tooth pulp because of an unattended tooth decay, a fracture result of a hit to the tooth, and so on. A root canal consists of the removal of this dental pulp and the replacement of it with a special dental filling that stops the infection of the tooth.

Why the root canal tooth hurts with pressure?

As we stated, there can be multiple causes for the pain after a root canal. That is why the first step to take in order to seek relief would be going back to the dental office, since you dentist may have a complete health record that could show the cause of your problem. However, some of the most common causes from pain due to pressure to a tooth with root canal are the following.

Root canal tooth hurts with pressure

Improper healing

After the root canal procedure, the dentist will give you several guidelines to follow in order to achieve a good healing process. However, if the patient does not strictly follow these guidelines, there can be several problems. Some of these problems can have pain when putting the tooth under pressure as a result. That is why you should strictly stick to your dentist’s guidelines when getting a root canal.

Trauma to the tooth with root canal treatment

If you hit you root canal tooth, you can develop additional problems. A problem reported after an additional trauma to the tooth is a sharp pain when applying pressure. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when doing activities that may lead to getting hit in your mouth. When practicing physical activities, a mouthguard can help to reduce any impact to your teeth.

The crown was not installed correctly

If the dental crown was not installed correctly, there can be a leakage of bacteria that is causing pain when the tooth is under pressure. That is why if you still feel pain after several weeks of the procedure being completed, you should go back to your dental office to get X-rays to see any problem with your crown.

Micro leaks in the tooth

Sometimes there are microscopic fractures that X-rays cannot show. Other times there are small bubbles of air in the replacement filling material that can leak bacteria into the tooth. Whatever is the problem that is causing additional leaking, it can be diagnosed by our dentists in Somos Dental.

Where to get a root canal and additional assessment in Phoenix, Arizona?

If you are looking for a dental office for your root canal procedure, you can contact us at Somos Dental. At Somos Dental we have certified dentists that can get your root canal done with all the proper planning that goes behind it.

Special promotions

If you are looking for an affordable root canal procedure in the Metro area of Phoenix Arizona, you can contact us at Somos Dental. Currently we have the following root canal promotions.

Front teeth root canals start at $ 599 (USD) when paid in cash. *

Molar teeth root canal starts at $ 799 (USD) when paying in cash. *

Also, we offer payment facilities, so you can get your root canal done without paying in full cash. If you want to ask additional questions, you can contact us through or phone number 623-745-268. You can also contact us through our different contact options, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Text Message (SMS). We also have an online form in this page that you can fill to get a free diagnostic appointment. You can find us in any of our six different locations in Downtown Phoenix, Mesa, Desert Sky, Camelback, Laveen, and Avondale.


*These prices do not include the cost of the dental crown.

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