What should you eat after a tooth extraction?

After having your dental extraction treatment, normally, your dentist tells you how you should eat the following days, which foods are better to eat and which ones you should avoid, so if you want to know in advance this type of soft diet, we will tell you what you should eat after your dental extraction. 

Let’s start by knowing the most appropriate way to eat.

Our recommendation is to chew on the side opposite to the extraction and avoid consuming liquids with straws because the suction can displace the blood clots formed in the operated area and generate a delay in healing. 

Also, try to eat a soft diet for the first few days to avoid injury. 

Foods to eat after a tooth extraction:

  • Liquefied soups

Soups are a good option after dental surgery. Whether they are tomato, chicken, or pumpkin. Soups do not contain elements that can enter the affected area and should be served warm or even cold because if they are hot they can also irritate the sensitive part where the extraction was performed. 

  • Broths 

Like soups, broths are a good way to nourish yourself after dental or orthodontic treatment. Broths are also a way to stay hydrated, as this is important for proper recovery.

  • Ice cream

The coldness of ice cream can help against inflammation and also contribute to hydration. It is also important to point our that that some are high in sugars and fats. Consuming ice creams that are water-based would be more beneficial, or you can keep track of calories consumed.

  • Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes, pumpkin, among others, are a good way to eat after dental or orthodontic treatment. Just avoid the use of sauces and condiments (such as pepper) that may irritate the treated area.

  • Puddings and jellies

Puddings and jellies are a good option for staying hydrated after dental or orthodontic surgery. The low amount of sugars they contain (if properly chosen) is another advantage to consider, along with the good taste that accompanies these foods.


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