If you came to this article it is probably because you want to avoid the yellowing of your teeth or maybe you just went through whitening or braces and you also want to be as healthy and clean as possible. Therefore, today we have for you a list of foods that you should moderate your consumption because they stain your teeth. 


Coffee: although we know that coffee is the driving force for many people and the way they usually start the day, due to its acidity and coloring, drinking coffee can stain your teeth, so it is advisable to rinse your mouth after drinking it. 


Red wine: despite its elegance and flavor, wine has tannins that stain, and its acidity level is enough to weaken the enamel of your teeth and cause the yellow color that we want to avoid. 


Orange juice: although we know that this juice is a great source of energy and vitamin C, its sweetness and acidity weaken the enamel of your teeth, so we recommend that when drinking it you should use a straw (reusable if possible to avoid polluting the planet) so that its juice does not touch your teeth directly. 


Vinegar: here the most important thing is to identify what kind of food contains vinegar, for example, ketchup, dressings, and mayonnaise. So rinse your mouth very well after consuming them since they contain a high degree of acidity. 


Soda: there is not much to say about this type of beverage, the reality is that they cause more problems in general and offer few benefits if any. In this case, rather than rinsing after drinking, it is best to simply try not to consume it. 


Lemon: one of the major acids that weaken your enamel. It damages and stains your teeth, so we suggest that if you eat it, do not brush your teeth until 30 minutes later to avoid further damage to your teeth due to the level of acidity, and very important, never go to sleep without brushing your teeth after eating a lemon.

These were the main foods that stain teeth, but in case you have invisible or ceramic braces we have other recommendations of foods to avoid: 

Tomatoes and tomato productsYellow mustard Turmeric or curry
Berries or pomegranatesFoods with artificial dyesSoy sauce

Now that we know what we should avoid, what can we consume without problems? 


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