Are Braces Worth the Time, Pain and Money?

Even though we know the aesthetic value and health benefits that wearing braces can bring, most people tend to ask the same question: Are braces worth the time, pain, and money? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward… yes! You’ll be able to put your mind at ease, once you understand the benefits of having this procedure done.

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Why do people get braces?

There are a lot of reasons to get braces and while most may be aesthetically motivated, there are also some incredibly important health benefits to consider. Not only can they straighten your teeth, which will give you a big boost of confidence. Braces can also fix over/underbites, which will greatly reduce the wear and tear on a person’s teeth.

Many also have many irrational fears, when it comes to having braces. this may be due to what they’ve heard from others or what they have seen on TV. So, whichever group you find yourself in today, keep reading. We are going to break down the top three areas of concern that people have regarding getting braces.


Time is one of the main reasons people postpone or even opt-out of getting dental treatment. You may have heard it said “out of sight, out of mind”, however, even though the overall process of wearing braces can require a significant amount of time, dental health is not something that gets better through procrastination. Whether you have an over/underbite, crooked teeth, or teeth that are spacing out due to the loss of a tooth, the best time to get the work done is now! As soon as you can! Waiting to get treatment will only serve to worsen dental issues; time will not “heal all wounds”, getting treatment will.


There’s no doubt that apart from time, pain is the biggest fear that people develop when considering getting braces, but like the old adage goes… “no pain, no gain”. It has been said that braces usually generate outstanding pain. Honestly, there can be a great deal of discomfort when you first start wearing them, but after you get through those first few days, you will get used to having them on your teeth. Apart from the initial discomfort of having them put on, getting them tightened will also make you feel uncomfortable, but that usually goes away after a couple of hours. It’s important to note that the tools and technology used by orthodontists have come a long way and because of these advances, any pain and discomfort associated with getting braces has been significantly reduced!


Lastly, let’s talk about money. The cost of dental work can be daunting to some people that are considering getting braces. Don’t look at it as a “cost”, but, rather, see it for what it truly is: an investment. There are a lot of things that we spend money on in this life that yields little to no return, but your teeth have a great impact on your health, work, and social life. It is an investment that yields a great personal return, that is long-lasting. At Somos, we understand the reality of these concerns and as a result, are willing to work with you to make sure you get the care you need. At Somos Dental, you will receive top-level care and an affordable rate, so give us a call or email us today with how we can help you have a happy, healthy smile!

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