12 Braces Colors Ideas to Stand Out!

When I first got braces I didn’t really like them. Every time I went to the dentist I’d ask for the least noticeable color: either white or grey.

Every time would be the same. But one day my dentist run out of white and grey bands, so I was forced to choose a different color… And boy, oh boy!

A whole new world of possibilities opened up for me! First I chose Black, without realizing that was the color I used the most on my clothes. I realized that I could combine them with my style! And you can do it too!

Here I give you 12 Braces Colors Ideas!

Braces Colors Ideas for Every Season

Usually, your braces are adjusted once a month, so you stick to them for a while. You can use that to your advantage! Try and match your braces’ color to the type and colors of clothing you’re using depending on the season.


Reds, greens, and whites dominate the scene this season. Why not try to use them in your braces as well?

If you’re like me and just love Christmas you can use a combination of red and green braces to match your festive spirit!

This also applies to New Year’s Too! using a combination of gold and black. Take a look:


Even if there is no prominent holiday this season you can still match the colors of it!. Why not try to match the flowers blooming? If you have braces on your top and bottom teeth you can use the ones below to simulate grass (green) and the ones above to simulate the color of your favorite flowers! (In my case, yellow sunflowers)


The 4th of July is in summer why not try to use the national colors? Red, White, and Blue.


One of my favorite seasons! And my favorite holiday of them all: Halloween! Match the colors: Black and Orange.

General Braces Colors Ideas

Maybe matching colors for every season is not your thing, that’s okay: we still have something for you: Some General Ideas to inspire you!

Experiment with having a different color in your upper braces than your lower braces. Try using your favorite colors! Check this out:

If you don’t have both braces don’t worry! you still have two sides! Left and Right. Why don’t try using one color on the left and the other on the right, like this:

Now that we’re dividing our braces why not divide them into 4 areas? 4 different colors!

You can also alternate between your 2 favorite colors!

Or Maybe not alternating, but just your front teeth.

front teeth

Maybe you’re classic. You prefer just one color, but you’re not sure which. You can try and match your color with your favorite clothes! check on your closet and find the color that you wear the most and use that!

Black Braces Colors Ideas

Finally… The sky is the limit! Use every color! a rainbow maybe? with no specific order? The world is yours!

Multicolor Braces Colors Ideas

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