5 Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Need to Know

Going to the dentist is not just cleanings, braces and extractions, in actuality you can divide the procedures into categories depending on the end goal of the procedure. These are General Procedures and Cosmetic Dental Procedures. Even though they can overlap, both of these categories serve a different purpose. For General Dentistry the objective is […]

Show off a more beautiful smile with Gingivectomy,

Show off a more beautiful smile with Gingivectomy

the cosmetic gum surgery There are people who have beautiful teeth, but they cannot show them off because there is an excess of gum over them. A procedure that is carried out to fully show off the beauty of your teeth is gingivectomy. This is a popular smile design procedure that goes hand in hand […]

DIY Teeth Whitening Techniques and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them.

Hey, we get it, everyone wants a Hollywood smile. With the advent of social media, we are exposed all day to images of celebrities and influencers perpetuating this idea of a perfect shining white smile. Because of that, many people try to find a way to achieve the same with some shady DIY Teeth Whitening techniques […]


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