Did you lose a tooth? Dental bridges: Advantages and disadvantages

If you lost a tooth, chances are you’ve already looked for dental bridges or other options to replace it, such as implants. In this article, we will focus on the latter. We will talk about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages that exist between these options for the replacement of one or more dental pieces.

What happens when I lose a tooth

What happens when I lose a tooth? Is there a problem?

You may think that there is no rush when you lose a tooth, that it will be fixed once you have enough time and money to do so, which is not a major problem. So is there a rush once you have lost a tooth? The answer is yes, and in the next paragraphs, we will explain why.

  1. Movement of the other teeth
    The denture begins to change position when a tooth is missing. This happens since the space that results when the part is lost tends to be filled by the surrounding teeth.
  2. Digestive problems
    When losing a tooth all the chewing is affected, this may be the cause of digestive and gum problems in a future.
  3. Bone loss
    Once the tooth is lost, it also begins to lose the bone where this tooth used to be, since it is no longer needed. This can complicate future treatments. If the problem is not treated in time, the bone can be lost permanently, making dental implant and bridge treatments impossible in the future.

What alternatives are there to replace a missing tooth?

In modern dentistry, we have two popular options: dental bridges and implants. In this article, we will talk about dental bridges.

Dental bridges

There are two main types of dental bridges, fixed and removable. Both carry their advantages and disadvantages, for which, we explain what each procedure consists of and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed: a fixed bridge will replace one tooth by carving two other healthy neighboring teeth to install a bridge that will consist of the equivalent of 3 (or more) teeth. 

Dental bridges
• Since it is fixed, it can’t be lost.

• They are custom made; they blend with the natural color of your teeth.

• It is a fast treatment (around 2 weeks).

• It is cheaper than a dental implant.
• You need to wear down other teeth.

• It is a permanent dental procedure.

• You can lose some bone on the filling pieces’ place.

Removable: They are attached to the other teeth to support themselves. They are normally used to replace one or more dental pieces. 

• More economical than a fixed bridge or an implant.

• Quick to make, in two weeks you get your removable bridge.

• It is not a permanent option

• It can serve as a provisional dental 
treatment in search of a more long-term treatment (implant or fixed bridge).

• No need to wear teeth.

• They are easy to clean.
• Being removable, they are easy to lose and get out of place.

• The hooks are somewhat visible, so they are not the best option in the aesthetic area.

Where can I find a replacement for my lost tooth?

If you are looking to replace a lost dental piece with dental bridges (fixed or removable), or with dental implants, you can go to Somos Dental. In Somos Dental we take into account the advantages and disadvantages in each particular case. In addition, at Somos Dental we have taken strict precautionary measures against Coronavirus (Covid-19) to keep you safe. You can contact us through various options, such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, or by filling out our Online form, which includes a free assessment appointment. You can find us at our 5 locations: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa and Camelback with the phone 623-232-0089.

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