Is tooth extraction necessary for orthodontic treatment?

A common question that arises in patients is whether tooth extraction is necessary in their orthodontic treatment. To the relief of many, the answer is, not in all cases. Although it is an alternative that can be used to achieve straight teeth and a healthier bite through orthodontics. It is not always the best course of action. 

When is a tooth extraction necessary in orthodontic treatment?

Sometimes tooth extractions are necessary to allow space between teeth to align with treatment. For example: in cases of overbite, or when teeth are infused with bone are usually causes for tooth extraction.

Which teeth are extracted for orthodontic treatment?

Depending on the diagnosis of the health expert, the teeth that need extraction will be referred. However, here are the most common cases: 

  • Extraction of posterior molars to make room for wisdom teeth.
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth that have already erupted.
  • Extraction of impacted teeth.

When removing teeth, do the remaining teeth move?

The reason why teeth are removed is to create space, so that the remaining teeth are able to move inward. With that space, the orthodontist can then, adjust them to the most appropriate position. 

At this point you may be curious to know if it is healthy, and possible to remove 4 teeth at the same time. To answer that question, it is not common. Your trusted orthodontist should determine the course of action after a complete examination, if this procedure will be necessary. 


Are there other alternative treatments?

The short answer is yes, there are other types of orthodontic treatments that do not require the extraction of teeth. You can contact us at Somos Dental to learn about the full repertoire of options when looking for the most appropriate orthodontic treatment. 

We have years of experience working in the field and are always attentive to the needs of the patient’s treatment. 

We know that the field of orthodontics has grown rapidly. At Somos Dental, we are up to date with the latest treatments, to provide the best options.

When should I request tooth extractions? 

The decision to extract teeth is part of the professional knowledge of the dental health professional, but without a doubt, an extraction should only be taken into consideration when it is the best option for the specific case. 

At Somos Dental we have a team of dental health professionals who have had experience in orthodontic treatments. They are also familiar with the whole process of dental extractions. 

You can contact us through our number 623-233-2668 or by filling out our online form. In doing so, it will also include a free appointment. You can also find us at any of our six different locations. We are located in downtown Phoenix, Desert Sky Mall, Mesa, Camelback, Laveen, and Avondale.

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