What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are usually one of the main reasons for medical consultation due to the recurrent pain they cause. As we are sure that if you are here, it is because you have this type of molars, we will answer the most frequent questions we are usually asked in the consultation.

Are wisdom teeth always impacted? 

No, in fact, only a percentage of the population has this type of molars, there are even those who are born without them, but there are very few cases. 

Are they common?  

Yes, many patients believe that they are unlucky, but the reality is that it is very common for this type of molars to grow. 

Are they dangerous? 

There are patients with this type of molars that do not present major problems, however, the pain is already an indication that it is best to remove them to prevent damage to the gum or cause discomfort to any of the neighboring teeth. In addition, it will be good to determine with your dentist if your particular type of molar can cause any other dental problem. 

Are impacted wisdom teeth more difficult to remove? 

Yes, there is a greater complexity in this type of surgery. However, not performing them can cause infection or damage, so your safety really depends on whether you go to a professional and follow each of their instructions. 

Common symptoms in this type of molars 

  • Bad breath and taste: this is because the cavity of this type of case causes food to accumulate. 
  • Pain: This occurs because the wisdom teeth cannot emerge due to poor positioning. It is accompanied by redness and sensitivity around the tooth. 
  • Swelling: although the mildest symptom is pain, in cases of swelling or infection it is advisable to visit your dentist and consider surgery. 

There are several types of impaction 

Among them we can find: 

  • Eruptions.
  • Teeth that are partially stuck in the jaw. 
  • Teeth that are completely stuck in the jaw. 
  • Teeth stuck under the gum. 

Wisdom teeth are not necessary 

That is why we will always recommend you remove them to avoid any discomfort. If you come from a family that has this type of impacted molars, we recommend you request your surgery long before the symptoms appear to prevent them. 

Where can I have my wisdom teeth removed in Phoenix, Arizona? 

If you are looking for a dental clinic with expert and affordable orthodontists you can come to Somos Dental and get a free initial appointment by calling us at 623-900-1554 or by filling out our online form. You can also find us at our six downtown Phoenix, Mesa, Camelback, Laveen, Desert Sky Mall, and Avondale locations.

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