What is the age limit for braces?

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Probably, you may be thinking if there is a braces age limit, don’t worry many patients today are wondering, is there an age limit for braces? 

More people than ever are considering getting orthodontic treatment to correct a bad underbite, an overbite, or crooked teeth. Anyone might feel like their teeth should be a little straighter.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, hundreds of adults are suited with dental braces every day, mostly, the only requirements to get braces are having a healthy jaw bone and permanent teeth. 

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Is there a braces age limit?

There is no limit on the age for getting braces, the most common requirement is to have your permanent teeth in place. 

A lot of young adults or older people get braces. Most of them are repeaters, patients who had braces before and need a touchup to put their teeth in the right position.

But if you don’t have braces before, it is always advisable to get a consultation, so the orthodontist of your choice can help you to find the proper dental treatment for you.

You are never too old to reach the pretty and nice-looking smile, you always wanted!

Can you get braces at any age?

As we age, we develop two sets of teeth, the baby and adult teeth.

Baby teeth are found in young children, and they eventually fall away. Followed by this the adult teeth start to grow, these should stay with us for most of our life. 

Is very common to have all of our adult teeth by the age of 13, that’s why orthodontists recommend getting braces in your teenage years. 

But if you are thinking about getting braces, don’t let your age limit your decision. Mostly the only requirement to get orthodontic treatment is to still have all your adult teeth. 

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Should I get braces?

Of course, all of our teeth work together, you need them to eat food safely without choking and they help us to speak clearly. Moreover, a healthy smile can give us confidence and a nice shape to our face. 

Is recommendable to have your teeth aligned, so nothing gets caught between them with each bite, also the right orthodontic treatment can help you to develop a healthy mouth and a strong jaw bone.

If you are doubting about getting orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate about it, patients can get braces into adulthood without problems.

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