What is the root canal procedure?

If you are interested in knowing how a root canal procedure is performed, in this article we list each of the steps. To clarify the subject further, let’s start by understanding what a root canal is and its success rate. 

What is a root canal?

A root canal or endodontics consists of removing and replacing the dental pulp with a sealing material that stops the leakage of bacteria into the tooth. 

A tooth’s pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves that can get infected and cause deep pain. If an infected pulp is not replaced as soon as possible the patient can lose their tooth.

 A root canal is needed when there is an ongoing infection that can be caused by disease or injury to the dental pulp that can even cause tooth loss.

Are root canals safe?

Yes. Root canals are safe dental treatments that have an over 95% success rate.

Are root canals covered by health insurers?

Some health insurances do cover some or all costs of root canals. However, it depends on your specific health insurance terms, so call them if you have any doubt.

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Root canal procedure

We know that a root canal may sound scary. However, it is a procedure that can save an infected tooth. That is why we list the steps of a root canal procedure, so you know what to expect before going to the dentist.

1.- Preparation of the area

Before anything else, the endodontist will prepare the area by numbing the area (with anesthesia) and by placing a dental dam or shield to isolate the tooth and to keep it dry and clean.

2.- Opening the tooth

In this step, the dentist drills through the tooth to reach the root canals and the pulp chambers. Then a special fluid is introduced into the canals to rinse out any debris and to kill any bacteria inside the pulp chamber.

3.- Pulp removal and shaping the canals

After cleaning and disinfecting the area the pulp is removed with small instruments, in this step, the endodontist also cleans and shapes the canals.

4.- Filling the canals

Once the canals have been cleaned and shaped the endodontist fills and seals the root canals with antibacterial material.

5.- Filling the access hole

After filling the canals, the endodontist also needs to fill the drilled hole on the tooth. The endodontist will place a temporary filling to close the tooth’s opening. This filling is supposed to be temporary, so you will need to visit your dentist to get a restorative dental crown that protects the whole tooth.

And that is it for the root canal procedure. As you can see it is not as scary as some people make it sound like.

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