Braces can go wrong in different ways. Orthodontic treatments by dental professionals are safe. However there have been increasing trends of getting DIY braces. Even other types of non-safe cosmetic or even functional dental braces that can be dangerous. These trends have brought permanent damage to many people, which is why we will talk about the dangers of DIY braces and other types of non-safe orthodontic treatments.

So, are DIY braces safe?

No, DIY braces are not safe. A quick google search shows how popular DIY braces have become lately. With techniques such as rubber bands between the front teeth and even supergluing braces to one’s own teeth. However, these DIY techniques are dangerous since they can cause permanent damage to teeth, gums, and even jawbones.

What is the worst that can happen with DIY braces?

Even when DIY braces may seem harmless, they can actually cause permanent damage to someone’s smile. For example, when people use bands in their teeth to close gaps, they can go to the base of the teeth and become inaccessible, making them turn loose and even fall out.

Can regular braces go wrong?

Yes, certain habits on the patient side can even make professional treatments go wrong. The most common thing that can make braces go wrong is bad hygiene habits by patients. For example:

  • When patients do not brush their teeth – there can be white spots forming around the braces. That’s due to plaque buildup, and there can also be gum problems that lead to gingivitis and even periodontitis.
  • When instructions are not being properly followed; people start chewing on hard foods that can break parts of the treatment.
  • When patients do not attend their scheduled appointments. Treatment can start slowing down, and there can even be problems since timing is important in orthodontics.

Can braces be put on wrong?

Treatments by certified orthodontists are completely safe. Orthodontists have to go to school and get a board certification to start practicing their profession. With that said the chances of getting bad treatment from a certified orthodontist are relatively small.

Where to get braces by certified orthodontists in the Phoenix metro area?

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